Titans Grave: The Salvage of Cortana

Who's got the tab?
Greetings Mr. Cannith

Adventure Log
After an unsuccessful bounty hunt, our band of heroes, Barjak, Jarra Blackscale and Urgren Noblebreaker, decided to end the night with drinks and food at the clear springs Tavern and Brewery.

While enjoying their food and drink, the spotted an unusual patron entering the tavern. Attren Cannith, a wealthy gnome industrialist, who has been wheelchair bound since an industrial accident crushed his legs and damaged his spine. Mr. Cannith reportedly dines at the tavern on a monthly basis and is said to be a good friend of the owner. Many consider this rumor confirmed as the owner served Mr. Cannith his dinner and sat down for a round of drinks.

Upon exiting the Tavern, Mr. Cannith was followed by a group of suspicious looking characters. Our heroes took notice of these fellows and began their own pursuit. The thugs attacked Mr. Cannith by disabling his powerchair then assaulting him. Our heroes took action of their own and defeated the thugs.
Mr. Cannith thanked the heroes for their assistance and invited them back to his manor to be rewarded for their actions.

Upon arriving at the manor, Mr. Cannith rewarded our heroes with a box filled with 100 gold coins to each of them and then revealed the truth.

He had hired the thugs, thru intermediaries, to attack him. His hope was to find a group of noble, selfless and heroic individuals that he could also hire for another task of importance.

He had sponsored an archeological expedition to locate an object of historical importance. This object, called The Cortana, is a legendary data core housing advanced knowledge from before the great cataclysm. It is said to carry lost secrets to advanced technologies that could change the world. He wishes to hire independent individuals, rather than a security firm, for this task as the expedition has a number of silent partners who could become unnecessarily alarmed by a security investigation.

The expedition was to send back status reports and supply requisitions on a weekly basis via carrier drone. The last drone is currently seven days overdue.

The heroes accept Mr. Canniths offer of 100 Gold Coins for each hero for the recovery of the expedition and more specifically, the recovery of the Cortana.

While in the process of making his offer to the heroes, the meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Canniths’ personal physician, Dr. Quinn Vander. She ignores the heroes and proceeds to give Mr. Cannith a swift medical examination. Mr. Cannith dismisses her, but asks that she meet him in his library once he has finished his business with the heroes.

Once the heroes have accepted the offer, Mr. Cannith provides transportation back to the Tavern for the heroes to finish their evening. Barjak and Jarra Blackscale return to their office/home to rest. Urgren crashes in the backroom of the tattoo parlor he works at.

Upon daybreak, Mr. Canniths’ bodyguards, Mr. Toghat and Mr. Nog arrive at our heroes doors to transport them to the manor where they will begin their journey.

Upon arrival at the manor, they are introduced to Binvizz Stormwrench, a gnome mechanic and their designated driver, who appears to have an issue with loud noises. Primarily asking why everyone is whispering while he is always shouting at the top of his lungs. Mr. Cannith has procured a military surplus Mammoth Class transport and command center. Also joining this expedition, a begrudging Dr. Vander, offers the heroes an icy welcome and proceeds to claim the command center chair.

Once the crew is underway, Jarra Blackscale crashes in one of the bunks while Barjak begins investigating the command centers capabilities.

Casual inspection of the mammoth revels it has an onboard latrine, mini-kitchen, eight crew seats that convert into eight bunks for sleeping, a case of 24 Fulgin M batteries, a crate of camping supplies (2 four man tents, 2 battery powered lanterns, a battery powered cook stove, 2 field tools (tent stake hammer/mini-shovel), ropes, camping cook ware , etc. ), 2 surveillance drones, one carrier drone and a huge crate of medical supplies.

Dr. Vander performed medical evaluation scans on Jarra Blackscale (while he was sleeping), Urgren and Binvizz. Barjak, for personal reasons, declined the medical exam.


Dinner and Drinks
Welcome to The Clear Springs Tavern and Brewery

Your waitress escorts you to your booth. Its a nice booth located at the center of the eastern wall. It has a nice view of the whole floor, including the bar and the stage.

“How y’all doing tonight?” she asks, then follows with “I’m Gennifer, and I’ll be yer waitress tonight, can i start y’all off with some drinks?”

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