A half Orc/Elf warrior Bounty Hunter


Name: Barjak
Level: 3
Race: Orc/Elf
Background: Lower Class Soldier
Class: Warrior

Speed: 12/6/24/

Defense: 12
Penalty: 0

HP: 45

Accuracy (Brawling): 3

Communication: 0 (Gather Information)

*Constitution: 1

*Dexterity: 2

*Fighting: 2

Intelligence (Military Lore, Engineering): 2

Perception (Hearing): 1

*Strength (Might): 3

Willpower: 0

Group Training: Blawling, Blaster Longarms, Blaster Pistols, Heavy Blades

Mech Arm AR:Acc Dam: 2d6+per
Power Fist ". Dam:2d6+per+2
Adamantine Dagger ". Dam: 1d6+1+Str *ignores targets armor

Blaster Rifle|AR:Acc| Dam: 3d6+|Range: 30yds|Long: 60| Reload Time (shot/battery): Free/Major|
Heavy Blaster AR: Dam: 2d6 Short: 12 Long:24 RT:
Dragon Gun AR: Dam:2d6 + 1d6 elemental damage Per Short: ". Long: ". RT: ???
PPAMSR “Harkonnen” AR: Acc
4 Dam: 4d6 Short:60 Long:120 RT: 1rnd free action/major

Scout Armor (4)
Fulgrin Batteries (13)
Power Fist
Adamantine Dagger
Blaster Rifle
Heavy Blaster
Dragon Gun
PPAMSR “Harkonnen”
30 yds rope
Maintenance Tools
Healing Potions (3)
Anti-Poison (2)
Personal Quad Coptor Drone “Roach”

Powers, Talents, Specializations:

Gather Information (Communication)

Darksight: Can see up to twenty yards in darkness without a light source

Speaks and Reads: Orcish, Common

Cybernetic Arm: Damage dealt is 1d6 but requires one battery charge to function as a normal arm for one day. Power Fist Attacks or Enhanced Strength Modifiers from the arm will drain one charge.

Blaster Weapon Style: Novice. Can use READY a Blaster as a free action.

Unarmed Style: Novice. Fist attacks deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d3

Armor Training: Novice. Leather and Mail Armors are worn with no penalty to Dex.

Mounted Combat Style: Novice. While mounted, can take a partial MOVE action, then a MAJOR action (such as ATTACK), then continue the move action to the mounts full move.

Boon – PPAMSR Expert: + 2 to any Engineering or Lore tests involving the PPAMSR.

Name type Size Base Defense Armor Hit Pts Disable Max Speed (mph) Acceleration (mph) Crew/Passengers Cargo
Motorcycle Land Medium 10 3 122 61 250 25 1/1 50

Bio: A half Orc/Elf who was taken from his parents at age seven by the Syndicate and trained as an anti-insurrection operative/ child soldier/ counter terrorist to infiltrate lower class uprisings and destroy from within once in place. Encountered, befriended, and recruited a half Sauren/Human named Jarra Blackscale during this time. At age 15 encountered a rebellion organized by his own parents to protest his kidnapping by the Syndicate. Wracked with guilt over the monster he’d become he faked his and Jarra’s death by detonating the planned ordinance early before it could actually harm anyone. Went into business with Jarra and a Sauren female mage named S’ynestra as part of a bounty hunting gang known as the ???. Was betrayed by S’ynestra when she stole a prize bounty head by crushing Barjak’s arm with an elevator door to get away. Encountered the Dwarf Ugren while hired by the family of a Fulgrin Corp. whistle blower through the Divide’s Watch to locate and protect the whistle blower. Mission Failed. Hostile forces were tipped to the VIP’s location by a leak within the Watch. VIP killed. Jarra, Ugren and Barjak barely escaped with their lives. Is seeking S’ynestra to enact revenge for taking his arm and nearly killing him. Is also secretly searching for some kind of redemption for his past by hunting down the rapists and murderers that the usual peacekeeping forces are either unwilling or unable to deal with in order to protect the innocent. Is almost always wearing a breathing mask to protect himself from Fulgrin battery pollution.