Dr. Quinn Vander

Medical Mage


Dr. Quinn Vander

Emergency Room Resident at Honor & Graves Emergency Medical Center in the Nestora Civic Hospital.
Human Female
Age: 27
Height 5ft 7in
Weight: 123 lbs.
Medical Mage
Equipment: UMS-37 Medical Scanner with optical AR display. UMS-36 Datapad (with wireless link to UMS-37), Hospital Uniform, Hospital ID Badge/Security Card, Personal wireless network phone, and Lucky Coin Heroic Charm
Class Powers
Arcane Blast, Arcane Device (UMS-37),
Talent: Chirurgy. (Novice) Heal is a minor action.
(Journeyman) Heal action restores (Stunt Die x2) +Int.
Talent: Healing Arcana (Novice)
Talent: Power Arcana (Novice)

Lucky Coin Heroic Charm
This charm takes the form of a “Lucky Coin” necklace. It confers a passive magic bonus of +1 to Defense.


Quinn Vander was an exceptionally intelligent child born to a middle class family. She chose the path of the medical arts when her father was killed as a pedestrian caught in a high speed chase between bandits and the then fledgling Nestora Peacekeeper Services, LLC. A clever Saurian lawyer got Quinn and her mother a sizable out of court settlement that paid for her education.
The Lucky Coin necklace was a gift from her father on her birthday from the same year he was killed.

Dr. Vander was hired by Mr. Cannith to be his personal physician.

Dr. Quinn Vander

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