Executioner and Huntsman


Name: Draven
Career: Warrior Huntsman
Race/Sex: Human/Male
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 250 lbs
Character Class: Warrior
Health: 40
Defense: 12
Equipment: Hvy Leather Armor, The “Axe”,
Armor: 4
Weapons: The Axe (+ 7/2d6+ 2), The Axe Thrown (+ 8/1d6+ 3/Rng: 4/8)
Move/Charge/Run: 12/6/24
Abilities & Focuses
• Accuracy : 1 (Brawling)
• Communication: 0
• Constitution: 3
• Dexterity : 2 (Riding)
• Fighting: 4 (Axes)
• Intelligence: 0
• Perception: 1
• Strength: 2 (Might)
• Willpower: 0
Class Powers
Unarmed Style (novice), Thrown Weapon Style (novice), Armor Training (novice)
Special Notes
Magic Weapon: The Axe.
The Axe is a large, one handed chopping axe enchanted with the following special abilities. Accuracy: + 1 to hit. Boomerang shift: as a free action, the Axe unfolds into a double bladed throwing axe that returns to its wielder. It folds back into its original form when caught. This allows it to be compatible with the Lightning Attack and Dual Strike stuns as a ranged attack.
OCC: Huntsman


Draven the Huntsman

Draven always enjoyed a good fight. Growing up he would pick a fight with whomever he could. the bigger, the badder, the tougher the opponent, the better the fight. This is how he found his way into the Champion Fighters League.
In the CFL he made a name for himself as Draven the Executioner, where he earned a reputation of being a brutal and relentless fighter. However, he eventually became too brutal, even for the CFL. He found himself banned from the only fighting sport he was qualified for. He would only comment that his opponents just were not tough enough. This is how he became a Monster Hunter.
He left the safety of the city and ventured into the wilds beyond the barrier fences. He has only one goal, to find the biggest, baddest, toughest monsters and kill them. To return with their heads as proof of his victory.
Currently he is hunting for leader of the Kazra Beastman Clan.

The Axe

The origins of The Axe, as it is called by Draven, are unknown. Draven has not been forthcoming on where The Axe came from or how he acquired it. Although, media records show Draven with it after he returned from a hunt with the head of a Minotaur.