Jarra Blackscale


Name: Jarra Blackscale
Career: Bounty Hunter
Race/Sex: Saurian Human Hybrid/Male
Weight: 350
Character Class: Rouge/Assassin
OCC: Gather Information
Health: 48
Defense: 13
Armor: 7 (Heavy Leather, Leather Duster)
Abilities & Focuses
• *Accuracy: 2 (Blaster Longarms, Blaster pistols)
• *Communication: 1(gather info)
• Constitution: 2
• *Dexterity: 3
• Fighting: 1
• Intelligence: 3 (Science lore, Cultural lore, engineering)
• *Perception: 1
• Strength: 2
• Willpower: 1
Class Powers
• Pinpoint Attack: Once per round, you can add 1d6 to the damage of a successful attack if your Dexterity is greater than your opponent’s.
• Rogue’s Armor: You are at home in leather armor. You can ignore the Armor Penalty of leather armor altogether. It affects neither your Speed nor your Dexterity.
• Thievery (Novice): if you fail a lockpicking (dex) test you may reroll but you have to keep the results of the second roll
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, Blaster Pistol, Blaster Longarms
Melee weapons

Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Special
Adamantite Short Sword +2 1d6+4 Piercing

Ranged weapons

Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Short Range Long Range Special Reload
Blaster Rifle +4 3d6 30 yrds 60 yrds None Free/Major
Blaster Pistol, Heavy +4 2d6 12 yrds 24 yrds None Free/Major

Special Notes: Assassin specialization
Novice=mark of death with an activate action i can mark one person for the remander of the encounter and inflict +1dam if target dies before end of encounter you may chose another with a new activate action
Equipment: backpack, traveler’s garb, water skin,2 liquoru bottles,15 fm batteries, 3 c batteries, 3 healing potions,suit and fedora

Gold=8,465 Silver=45


Jarra came into this life with the worst hand one could be delt. His father Jonas was once a proud noble in clan Blackscale who had gained the respect and admiration of his peers until in his duties as ambassador to the capital city of Nestora he fell in love with a human female and got her pregnant refusing to shun the woman and terminate the pregnancy Jonas was striped of clan, wealth and eventually his life while protecting his wife Mara and the newly born half breed Jarra from extremists in the clan that saw any not born pure saurian to be an abomination that must be eradicated. Having escaped by the skin of thier teeth and thanks to Jonas’ sacrifice mara took jarra into the heart of Nestora where she hoped to be able to blend into the backround and raise her son in peace. For the next five years Mara and Jarra would float from place to place trying to find a job and home to call thier own, it wasn’t untill mara met an salvager by the name of Owen Zephyr that they finally found respite, and eventually Owen married Mara and adopted jarra. For a time they where happy but unfortunately Mara became ill during her second pregnancy and died giving brith to Jarra’s half sister lilora. After Mara’s death Owen turned insular and while he continued to care for both the new child and Jarra he became cold and indefferant to Jarra leaving him to take care of him self for the most part. Being a half human half saurian is not an easy life Jarra would try to make friends with kids his own age but they’d all make fun of him calling him names like pink lizard or scale head for his appearance had become mostly human in the sense that he had 10 fingers and toes and pink skin but he had a saurian’s tongue and eyes and scales all over his body. By the age of 10 Jarra began to mirror his step father in becoming reclusive from most of the world and while his half sister Lilora never treated him any different and while doted on her from time to time he began to spend most of his time in his step father’s salvage yard picking through the scraped droids that where abanded, one day he came across and old and mostly intact techmech model B.O.B. using the basic mechanical training that Owen had givin him he was able to repair and reprogram him and using his model designation as his name BOB became Jarra’s frist real fiend. As the years progressed Jarra became involved in one of the many rebellions that have began to fight againt the rule of corporations it was ther e that he met a kindred spirt inthe foem of a half orc half human named Barjack. it wasn’t for another year after that fateful meeting that Jarra discovered his first living friend was infact a plant by the corporations to sabotage the resistance from within and confronted him however with his conscience eating away at the him Barjack was no longer able to be the company stoodge but knowing the company wouldn’t let him or his contacts go which in this case meant jarra and a saurian mage named S’ynestra the group hatched a plan to fake thier deaths. After successfully escaping the three joind forces and became private detectives work as consultants for The Watch. And the rest as they say is history

Jarra Blackscale

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