NPS Gearmen Police

Gearmen who support the police


Name: NPS Gearmen Police
Career: Robotic Policemen
Race/Sex: Gearman/NA
Height:6ft 0in
Weight: 300 lbs
Character Class: Gearmen
Health: 30
Defense: 11
Equipment: Light carapace armor, Blaster Pistol, Riot Sword (club)
Armor: Light Carapace Armor (Armor 4/Speed Penalty 0)
Weapons: Police Issue Blaster Pistol (+ 5/1d6+5), Police Issue Riot Sword (+ 3/1d6+3)
Move/Charge/Run: 10/5/20
Abilities & Focuses
• Accuracy : 3 (Blaster Pistol)
• Communication: 0
• Constitution: 0 (Special)
• Dexterity : 1
• Fighting: 1
• Intelligence: 1 (Limited)
• Perception: 1
• Strength: 3
• Willpower: Special
Class Powers
Special Notes
Constitution Special: Gearmen run on advanced power cells. They do not need to eat, sleep or breathe. They can operate at full capacity for 5 days on one power cell.
Intelligence Limited: Gearmen have a limited virtual AI based on a very complex series yes/no options for decision making. However, they are able to follow basic command. They are considered to have comparable intelligence to a trained animal. When in the field, they are normally commanded by a field officer. If left without a commander, they will continue with their last set of orders or if conditions have been met, their default programming will have them return to base.
Willpower Special: Gearmen cannot be bribed or intimidated. They have no morale, only orders.


NPS Gearmen Police

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