Urgren Noblebreaker

Dwarf Mage Radical


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Race Dwarf Height 4 Feet 6 Inches
Bkgd Radical Weight 200 Pounds
Age 25 Yrs Gender Male
Class Level Experience
Mage Tattoo Artist 4 2800
Health Def Armor Speed MP
45 11 10 37
Move Charge Run Penalty
10 5 20

Ability Scores & Focuses

x Accuracy 2 Arcane Blast, Blaster Pistols
Communication 1
Constitution 1
Dexterity 1 Crafting, Tattooing
Fighting 2
x Intelligence 3 Historical Lore, Evaluation
x Perception 2
Strength 1
x Willpower 2


Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves, Axes, Blaster Pistol

Weapon Attk Dam Range
Battle Axe +fig: 2 2d6 +str:1
Arcane Blast +acc: 43 1d6 +wil:2 16 yds
Heavy Blaster Pistol +acc: 24 2d6 12/24
World Ender1 +acc 4d6+per: 2 30/60


Magic Points: 16
Spellpower: 10 + Willpower + arcana focus (if applicable)

  • Earth Arcana
    • Rock Blast
      Earth Arcana (Novice)
      Type: Attack
      Time: Major
      MP: 4
      TN: 12
      Test: Target’s Constitution (Stamina) vs. Caster’s Spellpower
      A blast of small rocks burst from your hand or arcane device at a visible enemy within 20 yards. They inflict 1d6 + Willpower penetrating damage and the target is knocked prone. If the target makes a successful Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower, Rock blast only inflicts 1d6 penetrating damage and the target remains standing.
    • Stone Cloak
      Earth Arcana (Novice)
      Type: Defense
      Time: 1 Minute
      MP: 3
      TN: 10
      Test: Target’s None vs. Caster’s None
      Your clothing takes on the toughness of stone while remaining pliable. Stone cloak gives you an Armor Rating equal to your Willpower ability for 1 hour. If you are wearing regular armor, stone cloak has no effect. You can only cast this on yourself.
  • Healing Arcana
    • Healing Touch
      Healing Arcana (Novice)
      Type: Utility
      Time: Major
      MP: 1 to 3
      TN: 10
      Test: Target’s None vs. Caster’s None
      Your touch seals wounds and restores vigor to one wounded target. You can choose to spend up to 3 MPs when you cast the spell. For each MP spent, the target gets back 1d6 Health. You can cast this on yourself.
    • Revival
      Healing Arcana (Novice)
      Type: Utility
      Time: Major
      MP: 5
      TN: 14
      Test: Target’s None vs. Caster’s None
      Your touch helps restore the grievously wounded or fallen. A dying character adjacent to you immediately regains 10 + their Constitution + your Willpower in Health. Since dying characters cannot take actions, you cannot cast this spell on yourself.
  • Lightning Arcana
    • Jolt
      Spell Type: Attack
      MP Cost: 3
      Casting Time: Major Action
      Target Number: 11
      Test: Constitution (Stamina) vs. Spellpower
      You jolt one visible character within 10 yards of you. The target takes 2 penetrating damage and must succeed in a TN 11 Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower or become stunned. On his next turn a stunned character cannot take a major action; only a single minor action is allowed.
    • Shock Blast
      Spell Type: Attack
      MP Cost: 4
      Casting Time: Major Action
      Target Number: 13
      Test: Constitution (Stamina) vs. Spellpower
      Electricity arcs from your hands or your arcane device, shocking enemies in a 6-yard by 6-yard area. Anyone in this area takes 1d6 + Willpower penetrating damage. Targets that make a successful Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower only take 1d6 penetrating damage.

Equipment & Money


Other Equipment:

  • Backpack
  • Handset w/earpiece
  • Rope 70yds
  • grappling hook
  • Traveler’s Garb
  • Canteen (full)
  • Matches (40)
  • Travel Rations (7 days)
  • FM Battery
    • 10 charges
  • C Battery
    • 50 charges
  • windup tattoo gun and a bottle of ink, black
  • minor mana potion (6) restores 1d6
  • spider lantern
  • Lockbreak
    • fm battery 10 charges
  • data reader
    • fm battery 10 charges
  • binoculars
  • Angelic Wings Harness2

BoN Account: 7239gp/5sp


Dark Sight: allows sight up to 20 yards in darkness without a light source.

Stunt Bonuses:

Class Powers:

  • Arcane Blast: If you are holding your arcane device (see following), you can make a special Ranged Attack that damages foes with a blast of magical energy. This is resolved like a normal Ranged Attack (so stunts are possible), but the attack roll is an Accuracy (Arcane Blast) test. An Arcane Blast has a range of 16 yards and inflicts 1d6 + Willpower damage. It requires no magic points to make this attack.
  • Arcane Device: Urgren’s arcane device is his tattoos. He has one tattoo for every spell he knows. He magically attuned the ink before tattooing himself.
  • Magic Training: This is the most important of the mage’s powers. It allows a mage to cast the spells that are the hallmark of the class. You begin with two magic talents and four spells. See Chapter 5: Magic for more information about choosing and casting spells.
  • Magic Points: You use magic points (MPs) to power your spells. You start with a number of magic points equal to 10 + Willpower + 1d6. You must keep track of your current magic points; this is a measure of how much magical power is at your command at any given time. You spend magic points when you cast spells. You regain them through rest mage 20 chapter 1 – character creation and meditation. See Chapter 5: Magic for details. You gain more magic points as you rise in level. From levels 2 to 10, you gain Willpower + 1d6 magic points whenever you gain a new level. From levels 11 to 20, you gain only your Willpower in MPs because increasing your power at higher levels is not as easy.


  • Lore: You have an inquisitive mind and absorb facts easily.
    • Novice: You have studied hard. When you make a successful Intelligence test with a lore focus, the GM should give you an extra piece of information on the topic. A lore focus is any Intelligence focus with the word “lore” in it, such as Cultural Lore and Historical Lore. The GM determines the additional information and it may or may not be pertinent to the main question at hand.
  • Alchemy: You know how to create grenades using alchemical formulas. These vials are not magic, though some may treat them that way. If you have the ingredients, you can make a vial in an hour.
    • Novice: You know the basics of alchemy. You can make blast vials and thunder vials.
      • Blast Vial: This grenade creates a small explosion, damaging opponents with shards of glass and concussive force. (2d6 damage) Mat Cost: 3sp
      • Thunder Vial: This grenade creates a thunderous boom and great concussive force. Targets must make a successful TN 13 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test or be knocked prone. (1d6*) Mat Cost: 3sp

Specialization: Golemancer
You learn to craft a golem from clay. You may come across manuals or masters who can teach you to use other materials to augment your golem and make it more powerful.

If your golem is destroyed you can make a new one with a weeks worth of time spent crafting.

Your Golems Accuracy, Strength, and Constitution stats increase an amount equal to half its masters Intelligence score rounded down. Additionally you golem has extra health equal to half of its masters health.

  • Novice: Your golem act`s on your turn and follows your commands. Your golem has a minor action it can use. You must use your major action to mentally command it to attack, or otherwise do any major actions.

Pick two of the following traits to give your golem from the list.

Focus: Strength (Might)
+2 Damage
+15 Health
+1 Defense


  • Dwarven s+r
  • Common s+r

1 A golden metallic cannon powered by 2 mana cores. Urgren got a tinker in Gholdanzig to rig an extension cord to connect from the mana core sockets to a power outlet on the mammoth. It can fire 25 times per fully charged power core.

2 A golden metallic backpack with a leather harness. The leather harness fastens around the torso, waist and thighs of the wearer with golden metallic clips. Once the last buckle is in place, the harness adjusts to fit the wearer. When activated, the backpack unfolds into a set of wings with feathers of golden white light.
Effect: Grants the wearer the ability of flight with a speed of 25 yards per round. (25/12/50)

3 +2 added for Arcane Blast focus

4 -2 because untrained, then +2 for focus


Urgren Noblebreaker

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