Fulgin M: This is the most common type of battery and is available all over Valkana. It is made from a metal, Fulgin, found in quantity in the Rift and mountainous regions. A Fulgin M battery holds 10 charges. Fulgin M batteries are manufactured with a blue identification stripe

Fulgent: Fulgent is made by chemically processing Fulgin. The methods of its creation are public knowledge, but the chemicals utilized are dangerous and regulated. A Fulgent battery holds 20 charges. Fulgent batteries are manufactured with a green identification stripe.

Carsilorate: Found deep underground, Carsilorate is a dense liquid that becomes superconductive when heated to a specific temperature. Because the liquid requires inordinate technological resources to process and stabilize, Carsilorate is only distributed in small quantities. These batteries are rarely available for sale and they are expensive when found. A Carsilorate battery holds 50 charges. Carsilorate batteries are manufactured with an orange gold identification stripe.

All batteries have been standardized by Fulgin. They are all small rectangular boxes with 2 contact points at the top. (GMs note, visualize a 9 volt with 2 nipples at the top) They are manufactured with a color stripe to identify the quality of the battery.

Fulgin has small outlet shoppes that sell the batteries for costs listed in the Titans Grave rule book. Carsilorate batteries are still rare. They will also buy back used Fulgin M and Fulgent batteries for 1sp each.