FAGE Cybernetics

The Basics

Titans Grave establishes the existence of cybernetic limbs in the equipment section of chapter two. However, it leaves the level of detail up to the individual storyteller to decide. As Titans Grave: The Salvage of Cortana is defined as both a steampunk and cyberpunk realm, I intend to expand on the benefits and available options of cybernetics.

Getting NIP’d.

In order to use cybernetic enhancements, every organic being needs a Neural Interface Processor (or NIP) to act as the bridge between the meat and the machine. This basic processor is normally installed at the top of the spinal column. From here, the processor translates, encodes and transmits information from the brain to the cybernetic implant.
Most implants have their own onboard NIPs to translate the data received and act accordingly. These onboard NIPs also send feedback to the primary NIP to provide sensory and other relevant data.
Like all technology in Titans Grave, the NIP requires power in the form of a special microcell battery designed just for the NIP. The batteries price is included in the price of the NIP and is normally good for up to 15 months before needing to be replaced.