Divine Stunts

Divine Stunts

“Have faith and that faith shall be rewarded.”

These stunts that are available to you depend on your devotion to your deity. Players must have a named Deity they follow and acknowledge. Players must perform a daily act of worship (such as a prayer) to have access to these stunts.
Depending on the acts of devotion that a character performs in the name of their chosen deity, the characters may gain favor from their deities and have their Devotion level promoted or rescinded at anytime. Gods are fickle and unpredictable.

Devotion Level
• Followers can use stunts up to 2sp in cost.
• Faithful can use stunts up to 4sp.
• Devout have access to all stunts.

Follower Level
• 1+ Armor of Faith: Divine fortune turns aside harm; you gain an Armor Rating bonus equal to the SP spent until your next turn.
• 1 Divine Sacrifice: You may suffer up to 5 points of Health damage to grant an ally of your choice twice that amount in restored Health.
• 2 Divine Inspiration: You and all of your allies gain a +2 bonus on Willpower tests until the end of your next turn.
• 2 Overcome Resistance: You ignore a target’s normal resistance to your attack. For example, you can miraculously strike a creature immune to physical weapons and inflict normal damage, or use a fire attack against a creature resistant or even immune to fire.

Faithful Level
• 3 Divine Mercy: The effect of one malign spell or divine talent affecting you or an ally of your choice immediately ends. This only removes ongoing effects (such as those of walking bomb or weakness). It does not cure damage or other permanent conditions.
• 3 Shield of Faith: Your faith protects you as surely as any armor. You gain +2 Defense until the beginning of your next turn.
• 4 Divine Mantle: You are so clearly favored by the divine that one foe of your choice hesitates to oppose you, taking only a minor action on their next turn.
• 4 Divine Awe: You are so clearly favored by higher powers that all foes suffer a –2 penalty to all tests against you until the start of your next turn.

Devout Level
• 6 Miracle: The divine directly intervenes to aid you! You (the player) may ask the GM (playing the role of your divine patron) for any single favor within your patron’s power and Dominion(s) to grant. The GM chooses the degree to which the divine fulfills your need, based on your character’s faithfulness and the demands of the story.

Divine Stunts

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