Urgren Noblebreaker

Growing up in the slums of Kiravi, joining a gang was just a survival strategy. Once they hit their teen years, it was just a matter of time for most young men and Urgren was no different. However, he wasn’t content to just be led around by the biggest guy there, he had ambitions. Urgren, along with a few friends, splintered off from the gang that held sway over their neighborhood and through a series of bloody brawls, The Red Knuckle Gang, as they became known, won control of the territory.

Urgren’s biggest advantage was his magical ability. His grandmother had recognized it in him at the age of 8 and trained him a few healing spells, hoping to secure him a future as a healer. He begged her to teach him greater spells but she refused as the only others she knew were far too destructive for a child. That changed when a burglar broke in to their home in the night and stole his school datapad while he hid, scared, under his bed. After that, she taught him the secret to blasting a foe with a burst of arcane energy on the condition it be used only for self-defense.

Urgren’s grandmother had given him a pair of leather work gloves to use as an arcane device but he traded them for brass knuckles when he joined a gang. Soon everyone knew what it meant when he put his hands in his pockets to slip them on. Trouble.

About a year after they took over the neighborhood, at the age of 15, Urgren and his friends were contacted by a local gang claiming to have ties to the Greyshades asking for a meeting. Seeing this as their opportunity to make powerful allies, Urgren urged his friends to agree. When they met the gang’s boss, it turned out they wanted some work done, nothing too bad, just knocking over a jewelry store. The boss claimed that they were in agreement with the owner and he wanted to claim the insurance money and close up shop. There was one catch, the shop had tech to detect arcane devices, so Urgren would have to leave his beloved brass knuckles behind. Urgren said it was no problem, he had other options.

Urgren got his magical ability from his mother’s side but his father’s side were warriors all the way back to the chaos wars. His father himself worked hard as a mercenary to provide for Urgren and his siblings. He had the opinion, stated often and loudly, that all Noblebreaker men, and even some of the women, were axe weilders. He had no problem with magic but you had to respect your roots. He even managed to give urgren a little instruction with a handaxe, when he had the time.

The Pride of the Noblebreaker family was their ancestral axe. A two handed power axe that was said to have been used by their ancestor during the Chaos Wars. He had even used it in the battle to take back Nestora from the royals supporting the prophet, after which he took the surname Noblebreaker. This is what Urgren took, without permission, to the jewel shop job. And when it turned out to be a set up, and Urgren and a couple of his friends were caught by the police, it was confiscated with the rest of his belongings. Because of the deadly nature of the weapon, Urgren received a stiffer sentence than his comrades, 10 years prison time.

During his time in prison Urgren met a charismatic orc named Varthurg who showed him the error of his ways. He helped Urgren realize all this gang warfare wasn’t doing the neighborhood any good. They needed to come together and rise up against the guilds, that was the only way to bring real change. Urgren also learned something else in prison, tattooing. He magically attuned some smuggled ink and marked himself with a symbol for each spell he knew. This way, he would never be caught without his powers again.

Now it’s 10 years later and a 25 year old Urgren returns to the neighborhood, filled with new purpose. He soon finds that a lot has changed in that time, the neighborhood has had it’s fill of lofty ideas like revolution. They tried that, and now the neighborhood is more policed than ever.

He currently earns coin by working as a freelance tattoo artist.

Urgren Noblebreaker

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