Fantasy AGE Focuses List

Fantasy AGE Focuses List

Fantasy AGE includes the following focuses. You may find new focuses in various AGE setting books. TG denotes Titans Grave focuses.

• Accuracy: Arcane Blast, Bows, Black Powder, Brawling, Dueling, Grenades, Light Blades, Staves, TG Blaster Longarms, TG Blaster Pistols.

• Communication Focuses: Animal Handling, Bargaining, Deception, Disguise, Etiquette, Gambling, Investigation, Leadership, Performance, Persuasion, Seduction.

• Constitution Focuses: Drinking, Rowing, Running, Stamina, Swimming.

• Dexterity Focuses: Acrobatics, Calligraphy, Crafting, Initiative, Legerdemain, Lock Picking, Riding, Piloting, Sailing, Stealth, Traps, TG Advanced Driving, TG Piloting.

• Fighting: Axes, Bludgeons, Heavy Blades, Lances, Polearms, Spears.

• Intelligence Focuses: Arcane Lore, Brewing, Cartography, Cryptography, Cultural Lore, Engineering, Evaluation, Healing, Heraldry, Historical Lore, Military Lore, Musical Lore, Natural Lore, Navigation, Religious Lore, Research, Writing, TG Computers, TG Scientific Lore.

• Perception Focuses: Empathy, Hearing, Searching, Seeing, Smelling, Tracking.

• Strength Focuses: Climbing, Driving, Intimidation, Jumping, Might, Smithing.

• Willpower Focuses: Courage, Faith, Morale, Self-Discipline.

Fantasy AGE Focuses List

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