Character Creation

Ability Scores

This campaign will use Option 2: Buying abilities.
(Fantasy Age Core Rulebook pg 9)
In this option your character’s abilities start at 0 and you get ten advancements to increase them. Each advancement you spend raises an ability by 1, but no ability can be greater than 3. You must spend all ten advancements. Races and backgrounds then modify these starting ratings as normal.
Note that unlike some similar systems in other RPGs, this option does not allow you to make some abilities worse so you have more advancements to spend on others.

Class Modifications

Modify the classes in a Valkana campaign as follows:

• Starting weapon groups for rogues are: Blaster Pistols, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves, and either Blaster Longarms or Bows.

• Starting weapon groups for warriors are: Brawling, plus any four of the following: Axes, Blaster Pistols, Blaster Longarms, Bludgeons, Bows, Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Spears, or Staves.

• Warriors add Blaster Weapon Style to their list of available starting talents.

• If you are a warrior, your starting armor is scout armor.

• All characters start with three Fulgin batteries

Character Origin Bounty
Provide the GM with an Origin Story explaining who the character is and how they came to be where they are. This Origin Story carries an Experience Bounty of 100 to 500 Experience Points depending on the quality of the story. A reminder: Gaps in an origin story become the Storytellers privilege to help you fill in.

Starting Level Bounty
If the players are willing to work with each other to create a mutual background explaining why they are all already together, then i’ll offer to promote everyone to level 2 right away. otherwise its level one and we have to form the team.

Characters begin play with the following:
• A backpack, traveler’s garb, and a waterskin.
• If you are a mage, you get one weapon and an arcane device (see class description).
• If you are a rogue, you get light leather armor and two weapons.
• If you are a warrior, you get scout armor and three weapons.
• If you choose a bow or crossbow, you get a quiver and 20 arrows or bolts.
• If you have the Weapon and Shield talent, you get a medium shield.

Starting Money (in Silver Pieces)
Outsider: 33
Lower Class: 43
Middle Class: 68
Upper Class: 118

Occupational Character Class
Every character should have a “Job”. This is how they earned money before becoming an adventurer. Even if they are wealthy socialites with a trust fund, Socialite would be the OCC. Depending on the nature of the OCC the character can earn an additional free talent from the storyteller. This should also be included as part of the characters Bio.

Talent: Profession Training
Classes: All
Requirement: None
Your job or career. Gain a free Ability Focus based on what that job is.

Character Creation

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